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Master the Secrets of Professional Smartphone Photography

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The Smart Phone Airbnb Photography Guide ebook is an illustrated, intuitive guide focused on teaching the best techniques of professional architectural photography for short-term rental owners and amateur photographers to help you bring your photos to the next level using only your smartphone.

In this ebook, you will learn:

The Essentials of Digital Photography

How To Master Your Smartphone Camera

Easy Home Decor Tips From An Architect

How to Style Your Property to Make It Inviting and Eye-Catching

How To Highlight The Unique Features of Your Touristic RentalĀ 

Professional Techniques To Photograph Your Short-Term Rental

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Smartphone Airbnb Photography Guide

A practical, intuitive guide to learning how to take beautiful, eye-catching photos of your short-term rental and increase your bookings using your smartphone.

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Do you own or manage a short-term rental property? Do you work with touristic rentals or home-sharing? Or maybe you have a bed and breakfast or small hotel and would love to step-up your game, crush your competitors, and increase your bookings and revenue?